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A bit about me


As a photographer I am so lucky to be able to work with people who are deeply in love on the happiest day of their lives; surrounded by their friends and family. I feel what allows me to truly appreciate the thoughts and feelings on your special day has been invaluable experiences, such as my own wedding four years ago, and working as a second shooter and assistant to a variety of other award winning wedding photographers. These attributes are what I feel make the key foundations of a great and compassionate wedding photographer.

I have shot at a wide variety of locations including: The Houses of Parliament, The Inner Temple Church in London, Cooling Castle Barns, Winter’s Barn, Canterbury, Rowhill Grange, and numerous intimate village churches in Kent. These venues have all provided their individual challenges; whether it was hundreds of tourists wanting a glimpse of the action,  torrential rain and ever changing weather, or strict rules on photography inside a house of worship. All of these experiences have provided me the knowledge and confidence that will allow me to overcome any challenge we may face on your own day.

An all-day, no time limit photographer, such as myself, allows you to experience all of the chapters of the day you wouldn't normally be able to. These shots were easily the favourite from my own wedding as the photographer allowed me to an insight of my wife’s preparations; the smiles, laughter and tears as my beautiful bride got ready.

I believe in shooting images to tell your story; I always set out to capture every part of the day; my work begins before the wedding. I am passionate about ensuring couples feel calm and prepared for their wedding day and a pre-wedding engagement shoot enables you to feel relaxed which is vital for you to enjoy every part of your special celebration.

A Photograph of Edward and Chloe in the small woods outside the church they got married at in 2011 in kent

"The ability to create images that capture the emotional energy and essence of the occasion, not once but consistently is completely necessary. I set out to do this in a unique and compassionate way, telling your story, your way. " - Edward