Why Keeping to Time Matters


Kent Wedding Time Line

Timelines are very important to help your wedding day run smoothly, that's why months ahead of the big day we plan out the whole day, I make sure I include quite a few time buffering moments which really help cushion any moments that might run over.

The moment between the end of the wedding ceremony and when you sit down to eat are the most action packed for us photographers of the whole day, this is where pre planning and understanding what's really important too my couples really plays it part.

Kent - Wedding - Confetti - End of ceremony

This is where every wedding day is different, some couples really value formal family portraits and these can really eat into the available time you both have with your guests. Other couples really want candid images of their guests enjoying themselves and chatting amongst themselves. Most couples opt for an extended bride and groom portrait session of around 30-40 minutes. 

Family Formals - Kent wedding photographer
Kent - Wedding Photographer - Couples Photo

After this trio of events I make time to document the wedding breakfast room with all the details, favours and centre pieces you have spent a great amount of time and money choosing and sometimes crafting. After this I take the time to prepare any necessary lighting for the speeches.

Cooling Castle - Wedding Photographer - Cake

Amongst that flurry of events I always make sure that the newly married couple have some time alone to reflect on the day and a good period of time with their guests. On your wedding day you want to spend time with the people that mean a lot too you instead of just smiling for family photos!

If tend to find with out the correctly planning and coordination that the day will not run too time, this unfortunately impedes my ability to correctly document your day to the best of my ability.

Cooling Castle Barn - Kent Wedding Photographer

If I am to recommend one thing when you are planning the running order of your day, it would be to allow more time after your ceremony, at worst you will have more time to share with your friends and family on your special day.