Gone are the days of CD and DVD delivery, As a company we find them so restricting and irritating. First of all a lot of new devices that people want to view their images on just don’t have CD Drives! To get photos from a CD to an I-pad can take hours. This is one of the main reasons why I deliver all my images online.

New mac book pro without a CD Drive, this is where you need your wedding photos to be available on-line!

By providing my clients with an online gallery of their images opens up a vast array of opportunities from faster turnaround, you can see your images seconds after I have finished uploading them, this means you don’t have to wait anxiously at the letter box for a delivery of a cd or DVD.

Edward Solly's Wedding Gallery on an Iphone
A image of a wedding gallery hosted on-line 

You can access your images on any device instantly with my online gallery, no remembering the CD or waiting weeks to get it back from your parents, you can simply share the password and the link with whoever you want!

CD’s can snap, become lost, they can become scratched making some of the areas unreadable, where my images are hosted online is backed up multiple times with a uptime on my website of almost 100% 

what my photographs look like on an imac after your wedding
What a gallery of images looks like on an ipad

Online galleries are attractive and flow beautifully, where images you view on the disc are limited to the attractiveness of Finder of Explorer, beautifully images should be given an attractive platform to be viewed on.

Loxley Colour produce beautify prints at the best quality

With the hustle and bustle of current life we want things faster and easier, this is why I have integrated the ability to order professional quality prints of your images instantly. You can choose from a large range of sizes from a small 3x2 up too massive 2 meter prints all with a large variety of finishes. After a few days these are then delivered straight too your door for you to hang on your wall.

Images From www.loxleycolour.com sample selection which are all available to order