Bridal Prep, four of the girls getting their hair done in a salon before the ceremony in canterbury
I love shooting details, i take the time too shoot the rings on or with things that mean something too the bride. I put the wedding bands on the brides bouquet 


Sometimes I get asked to cover a wedding without bridal or groom prep even though my package includes unlimited time coverage. It does make my day a bit short and slightly easier, but I always shoot to tell a story and without having photographed any preparation I feel it’s like starting a book on chapter 4. For me my images of my wife on my wedding day during bridal prep are my favourite as it’s a part of the day I was unable to share with her.

An image of sarah the bride before she got married, i photographed her from above while she was having her make-up applied


I am able to capture emotional moments or document the details that may fade away as time goes on. Images of the small things that took a large amount of time to craft are a great way to record the niceties of your day.

An image of a wedding dress, and the bridesmaid and mother of the bride putting on sarah's dress


The emotions at the start of the day can always be high, with the bride surrounded by her close family and friends, there can be tear inducing moments with heart string tugged at times. I will be there to capture the reaction in her father’s eyes when he sees her before she departs to start her new life with her husband at her side. I recommend to my brides that they only invite the family and friends who she is really close too, this allows these moment to be heightened and helps to keep them calm and relaxed.

Liann's daughters helping her put her shoes on before her wedding, as she could not bend down and tie them up herself 


A few tips for the morning:


  • Choose a location which is close to where you are too get married, this can be a hotel or even at the venue. This can help elevate the stress and worry of having everyone at home.
  • Try and eat a mini breakfast and brunch before you get into your dress, as waiting till the wedding breakfast is quite a challenge, the same goes for drinking water little and often.
  • Make preparations the night before to organise and arrange as much as you can, as you never have enough time in the morning!
  • Have your makeup artist work on your last, and have it touched up once you are in your dress, they make for stunning photos at your best!
  • Practise makes perfect, get your wedding dress suppliers to show one of your brides maids how to fasten the dress, and practise getting into your dress by stepping into it!
A White Wedding Dress hanging on a barn door at winters barn in canterbury
A Pair of Wedding shoes belonging to Jen the Bride for a Kentish Wedding
Jen's wedding band and Engagement Ring sitting inside a flower that she had on her bouquet