Booking & Pre-Wedding Questions


+ How do I reach you?

Easiest way is using the contact form built into the site here. You can also shoot me a text message at +447590017483. I only listen to voice mails a few times a week so email, text or even reaching out on Facebook are the best ways to reach me!!

+ How do find out your availability?

First, you need to check if we are available on your date. You can do this by filling out this form or by phoning me. I love to meet with couples over a cup of coffee for you to tell me about your up coming wedding day and then we can go over any questions. This also allows you to see some of my printed work and a few album examples. If you are not able to come to us, we can come to you, there is no charge for this consultation.

+ How soon do we need to reserve our date?

As soon as possible, when you first enquire I will hold the date for a few weeks; I do receive bookings for well over a 2 years in advance.

+ How will we reserve our wedding date?

Once you complete your online proposal this is where you finalize your wedding package, payment plan and sign your contract. Once this is done you will be prompted to pay your booking charge. Once payment has been received your date is then fully reserved, and we will not accept any other clients for that date, the balance will be due 60 days prior to the wedding date.

+ Can I customize the package further?

Additional hours, photographers, hand finished prints, thank you cards, and a variety of digital products - these can all be added on an "a la carte" basis as desired, you name I'll do my best to find it!

+ Do you travel outside Kent for weddings?

Yes of course, we will travel anywhere you want us to! However, all weddings outside the Home Counties will attract extra costs for travel, accommodation and car hire when needed.

+ Do you recommend a Second Shooter

Normally, Yes. For you to really have your whole wedding documented to the highest standard I think having a second shooter is imperative; a second shooter isn’t just there to get images from a different angle, but to cover events that I may not be able to, for example when I am photographing the family portraits they are able to document all the details in the wedding breakfast room or all your other guests having a great time in the drinks reception. They are really important if the bride and groom are getting ready at completely different locations making it impossible to photograph both without wasting a massive amount of time. I do offer a second shooter as an add-on from £250.

+ What cameras do you use?

We use professional Canon DSLR cameras, coupled with several top of the range lenses with lots of spares, and a large range of lighting gear from Profoto, We like to come prepared for any condition.

+ Are you a natural light shooter?

While nothing beats beautiful sunlight I am trained and even teach others how to use, modify and create light from flashes in order to create beautiful images no matter the conditions. That means if there is a dark overcast sky, rain, or even if things are running late and the ceremony ends after dark, I've got you covered. I am able to create the images you'll love no matter what is thrown at us.

+ Where and when will the pre-wedding/engagement shoot take place?

They tend to take place in and around Maidstone. Most of our engagement sessions take place during Spring and autumn months during the week.



Wedding Questions


+ What time will you be arriving on the day?

We always start with bridal & groom prep at whatever time you want us there. I tend to suggest a few hours before you are due to leave. This allows you and your bridal party to get used to us being around and allows us to take the time to photograph your dress and accessories, the hair and make up session all to a high standard throughout, and work around you and all your girls. Once this is complete we try to fit in a mini bridal portrait session.

+ How about the controversial group shots?

We definitely believe in family group pictures, it is a great way to document the family at your wedding day. What we’d rather not have is an extended list of former classmates, club members, university colleagues etc. These take up a lot of time and are the main thing most couples underestimate. I will work with you to craft a list of the portraits you really want and on the day, I will arrange for the MC or the ushers to help gather necessary family members for the pre arranged photographs. Keeping this well organized list short, allows us more time for the portraits of the bride and groom, wedding breakfast details and reception drinks.

+ How long will you stay with us on our wedding day?

My top has no time limits, this doesn't change if I start bridal prep at 8 am or the first dance is at 9 pm, I'll be there! Once the party is in full swing I make sure I capture all drinking and dancing. I start to pack up once I feel I have enough images to tell your story in a distinctive & detailed way.

+ Do we need to feed you?

Yes please! I am even OK if you want to order me a take away! ;) If you decide that the guest dinner is a little pricey to order one more you can request a ‘vendor’ meal for your photographer. If you would rather, you can give me a 1 hour break to go and grab some fast food for myself; that is okay as well. Just give me the heads up so I can plan that out with the DJ and wedding coordinator. If it is agreed that I will have a second shooter at the wedding it is appreciated that they are fed as well.

+ Do you need a space at a table?

Nope. Actually I'd prefer not to sit with the guests. Not because I don't want to meet them but because I am usually working at the same time as I am eating. I typically find a hidden corner somewhere (or behind the DJ) and as I am eating I will be downloading photos, cleaning gear, charging batteries etc. Also, there will be times when I need to get up quickly to take photos of an event that is happening. So it is always much better for me to not have to excuse myself constantly from a table of your friends and family.


Post Wedding Questions 


+ Do we get the digital files?

Absolutely. This is something I have been doing since day one. I think it's important for my clients to have those files and have the ability to use, print and share them however they'd like. So much so I deliver them to you in two different ways!

+ How are they delivered?

I used to just deliver them on a USB stick, but now I also upload all your photos to a password protected online gallery which you can view on your phone, tablet or computer! You can even order prints direct from the gallery at very affordable prices produced by professional labs guaranteeing the printed photo looks the way it should! Lastly, you can send that link to all your friends and family so they too can enjoy the photos and download the ones they like of themselves; with one click you can share all your images on Facebook or Twitter.

+ Will the images be edited before presentation?

All images are individually assessed for colour and tone, and edited appropriately. If fine art prints or albums are ordered, a little more editing will go into the selected images.

+ Is there an extra charge for this service?

No. All reasonable editing is carried out on a complimentary basis. Note however that digital manipulation and skin retouching, which is very different from editing, will come at an additional charge.

+ Do I have to order prints through you?

Nope, you can download and order your prints wherever you would like. I will show you the quality difference between the various shops and websites, as there can be a massive difference. If you like things that are convenient and easy you'll love the print order system built directly into the gallery though. Prices are extremely affordable and the prints are printed at an amazing production facility (Loxley) that specializes in professional prints and delivered direct to your home in just a few days. So if you want to do it yourself you can, but if you like it easy I've made that possible for you as well.

+ Can friends and family view and buy images?

All images are placed onto our password-protected site. If you give friends and family the password they can also view your images and buy any prints that they’d like.

+ What other presentation options are there?

We have a variety of beautiful and lasting presentation options. Parent’s albums and coffee table books, fine art prints, framed prints and wall décors. The actual prices will depend on the number of prints, and the type and size of albums or frames. Full details are available on request.

+ How does the album design process work?

I have a few different options for album design depending on how much input you want on the design:

· My first is the hands off approach, where you let me choose the images and the design. Just let me know how many pages you want it to roughly be and I'll try and stick too that! This will then be proofed through the online gallery (password protected). Once you're happy with the design, we will deliver your album to you.

· The next one is a bit more involved, you provide me with all the images you have chosen to be in your album, I'll do my best to use them all (but sometimes it can be really difficult) I'll create a design which I feel best suits you and your day. You can also give me a page / cost limit to stick to. Just like the option above you can review the album before its finalized.

· The most involved design stage is where I invite you over to design the album with me. It takes a few hours and you bring all your chosen images on your USB, and we design it together over a few cups of coffee. Once we have finished we look at all the samples together to work out what cover would go well. The album can be ordered then and there or put to the side to order at another time.

+ How many images are in my album?

This depends on the option and album you choose. We recommend that you don’t over fill your wedding album. It’s best to let the images speak for themselves. I have designed petite albums with 40 images, all the way up to the massive A3 60 page books with over 150 images in: it really depends on what size album you want.