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Having entertainment such as a magician for your guests is a great way to keep everyone amused while you have some additional time for your portraits. My second photographer James was able to capture the reactions; these make for great emotive and natural photos of your guests.

The father of the groom is reacting to the magicians tricks and he fools him and his family
Dave the best man is caught in surprise and amused with the talents of the magician
One of the guests is in absolute shock and disbelief from the sleight of hand tricks in the evening  
An image from marc and Sarah’s first dance, some confetti was thrown over them as they started too dance as they were not able to have a confetti shot due to the rain.
The bride is dancing with her father, this happened just after her first dance with her husband
Sarah is hugging her family as things get very emotional for her and her dad.
The Bride and Groom invite the guests onto the dance floor to join them as they dance the night away