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If a part of the day lends itself to black and white, I will process all images from that part of the day as black & white with a colour alternative. This gives my couples a choice of both; sometimes the colour images can feel a bit distracting especially in a dark church.

This was taken right at the start of the wedding ceremony, where the bride and groom were finally reunite
I love capturing guest reactions weather in is in the church for the speeches. They provide great storytelling wedding photographs 
By having two photographers it allows a massive range of angles and shots from close up ring photographs to really wide angle first kiss photos
Capturing the emotion is what i do best! I love capturing the quick smiles and nervous from the bride and groom on their wedding day, it really adds to the photographs
When they walked down the isle I tend to shoot wide and capture all the guests reactions with the couple centered in the frame, these images really tell great stories and show who was there as well as capturing the emotion. My second photographer will shoot tight just concentrating on the couple and the emotion