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Once the speeches had ended and the food consumed the music started!! James and Louise decided not to opt for a traditional first dance and just pulled everyone up from their seats and kicked the party into action. I made sure I continued to capture the guests having a great time long into the night; once I felt I had enough embarrassing evidence of the somewhat questionable dance moves I packed up at around 22:30.

I love the evening, everyone has had a few drinks and everyone hits the dance floor without a care in the world, this is where i am really able to capture the wedding day in a light which is great! showing off not only dance moves!
I make sure i capture all the guests who come up onto the dance floor, this way everyone can get some great photos of them, the partner and kids!
Having set up off camera lighting, it really helps to add contrast, vibrancy and a great moon to all the images, showing what the wedding day not only looked like but also felt light
I love to get on the dance floor and dance myself, this way i can get in close and capture the day from a guests perspective, I wont sit far away and try to pick of just faces, I need to see those dance moves!