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The speeches were full of emotional ups and downs, with embarrassing stories and a few shocking surprises! I was able to capture the reactions from Marc and Sarah’s guests to help tell the story of the day. I eagerly watch for reactions from family members to capture the energy and feeling of the day.

A reaction from the Sarah’s brother from a funny moment in the speech’s
The Bride looking to her father as he delivers his speech, they are both laughing
The brides maid is crying to what the groom is saying about is new wife
Sarah is passing out gifts too the grooms man, gavin one of the ushers is shocked to see what it was
David the best man is laughing at his own jokes as he stands up to give his speech
The mother of the bride leans over to speak too he new son-in-law, she said something very embarrassing too marc in reference to the best man’s speech.
Marc’s brother points and laughs at him as David tells one of his comical stories when he had too much too drink