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I don’t get caught off guard often at weddings, but I really didn’t expect the waiters to break out into song. They held their thick Russian ascents even when speaking to us. Fortunately I make it a habit to keep a camera at my side at all times and I was able to take a knee and capture some great reactions.

The guests loved the singing waiters at Knowlton Court, The reactions are sometimes hard to capture crisply at weddings, but by using lots of off camera lighting I can capture the reactions every time!
the waiters were a surprise for myself and the other photographer, Not to mention the Bride and groom, they were a surprise gift from both parents on their wedding! A well kept secret by all
I make sure i move around the room to capture every guest and the guys playing at a large variety of angles
Guest reactions are priceless as this guy was dancing away with the guys who were singing to the bride and groom
Some of the songs were really dramatic, the waiters broke out into dance as well as song, one even mounted the table making for a real crazy show!
The bridesmaids could not resist a dance, they were up and dancing right away, making for some great wedding photos of their guest nice and relaxed having loads of fun
It ended with a cheer, everyone loved the signing waiters and i felt i captured this part of their wedding day in a great light which represents the fun that was had that day