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Over the last few years, having a photo booth has become a very popular addition to weddings. If you are still deciding whether having a photo booth on your big day is a good idea, here’s a few reasons why I think having my photo booth is an absolute must!

+ Extra entertainment

Everyone just loves to be a bit crazy, and my photo booth gives guests that chance to show their personality with that little bit of extra privacy. Get some props in there with them to help provide a bit of inspiration and you are guaranteed to end up with some hilarious and memorable snaps to showcase the more wild side of the day. The morning after, all the images will be online for everyone to relive, regret and talk about for weeks after.

+ Great value

There is nothing better than the sound of fun and laughter coming from a photo booth! They offer fantastic entertainment value for everyone, and to capture a few images takes just a few minutes. Then if you can’t get enough, head back for round two, three or four! You get unlimited photos throughout the night, allowing everyone to use the booth as much as they want.

+ For all ages

“Ed's photo booth was amazing I had to so much fun in there with my daughter!” - Nicola.

“It was brilliant, such a laugh and it was great to have something the children and grandparents could get involved with." – Sarah

"The photos we got of my daughters dressing up are brilliant. Thanks again!” - Lianne

+ Ice breaker

My photo booth can fit a lot of people. Guests can jump right in at any time with anyone, making it a great opportunity to chat, socialise and break the ice. You may end up with an assortment of different groups of people. Your grandma will have her arm around your number one drinking partner from your university days before you know it.

+ Extra photos

It is usually very difficult to capture photos of every single guest at your wedding (as hard as I try, there’s always a few camera shy folk). It becomes even harder when all of those extra evening guests turn up. Some people try to solve this with disposable cameras on the tables. But with this you risk getting back a load of blurry photos of the floor. With a photo booth, I can guarantee there will be some top-quality, entertaining snaps of your guests, and your guests will have a load of fun in the process.